Carcannon's goal is simple: to provide clients like you with swift, reliable information for all of your automotive inspection questions. Carcannon's independent status ensures objective reporting, while Carcannon's professionalism and experience ensure quality.


In 1997, the founders of Carcannon launched the process of web-based electronic inspection reporting that became the industry standard. The same Carcannon team has now streamlined the cyber approach even further. You can access your program-specific inspection reports anytime, anywhere, from the office or a remote location.


Inspection reports can be viewed in real-time; you can access reports the moment they are completed. Carcannon's crisp, electronic images of vehicle damage provide you with comprehensive data for actionable results.


All aspects of Carcannon's process can be tailored to fit your needs. From the complexity of the database, to the size of your account team, to the details of the electronic reporting interface, Carcannon works with you to develop an effective and responsive reporting system.


Electronic reporting eliminates the need for manual report editing and paper sorting. Your authorized personnel don't require programming or database skills to retrieve the information they need. Thanks to Carcannon's browser-based reporting, you can easily access inspection results and historical data.


Carcannon enables you to benefit from the latest technological advances without incurring exorbitant development costs. Carcannon's Information Technology Group works with you to design and customize a database and report format specific to your needs, then builds and maintains the system. Your business gets the benefits of Carcannon's evolving technological solutions and superior service without any additional costs to you.